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Yorkshire is known for its stunning nature, charming villages, and slightly interesting accent – if you ask anyone but the locals. It is known as ‘God’s own country’ for a reason. But what you may not know is that it is also known for its own special type of stone – Yorkshire Stone.

But, what exactly is this stone that is named after our region in northern England? Let’s find out!

– What is Yorkshire Stone?

Yorkshire stone, or Yorkstone, is a special type of sandstone that can only be found in the region of Yorkshire. It is composed of a special blend of minerals and metal ores that make it unique from every other type of sandstone. It is a carboniferous stone that is known for its remarkably durable make as well as its natural beauty and ability to sculpt very well.

Yorkshire Stone is perfect for creating ornamental carvings, sculptures, artwork, walkways, pathways, and more. It isn’t overly porous, but is just enough so to allow for a wide range of natural coloration. These special properties are why Yorkshire Stone has been mined and used in the region since the medieval times.

It remains today one of the most sought-after materials for property owners and sculptors. Its unique versatility makes it truly one of a kind, and one of the many prides of Yorkshire.

– Get Your Own Piece of Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire Stone Signs can turn any property from average to brilliant with one simple addition. You don’t need to overhaul your walkway or siding with Yorkshire stone to be able to own a piece of this marvelous material. All you need is a custom Yorkshire Stone Sign.

We design and create custom property signs made from 100% locally sourced Yorkshire stone. We can create number signs, custom family name signs, business signs, and more! Our Yorkshire stone signs help add a touch of elegance and vibrance to any property–whether you are a commercial or a residential property owner.

Custom Yorkshire signs can help to increase property value while also adding your own personal touch to the land. That’s why we have chosen this amazing material straight from our homeland to work with.

– Contact Us For Your Own Yorkshire Stone Today!

We work locally right here in Yorkshire to provide our community with gorgeous custom Yorkshire stone signage. This ancient and traditional material is a staple in the region, and we believe in honoring that tradition by keeping it alive right here at Yorkshire Stone Signs.

So, contact us today to have your very own Yorkshire stone sign designed and made for you. Your property will have never looked better!

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